کمک در ترجمه و ثبت ترجمه

7 پست در این موضوع قرار دارد

سلام میشه ترجمه این چند خط رو بگید

اینها رو گوگل درست ترجمه نمی کنه

1 - I'm just a plugin, please don't call me directly

2 - Subscribe2 cannot be activated as a network plugin. Please activate it at on a site level

3 - Check your settings and check with your hosting provider

4 - Miscellaneous

5 - eg. utm_source=subscribe2&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=postnotify&utm_id={ID}&utm_title={TITLE}

6 - Compulsory Categories

7 - Comment form checkbox is checked by default

8 - Delete failed! You cannot delete some or all of these users

9 - User(s) deleted! Any posts made by these users were assigned to you

10 - From this page you can opt in or out of receiving a periodical digest style email of blog posts.

11 - From this page you can control your subscription preferences. Choose the email format you wish to receive, which categories you would like to receive notification for and depending on the site settings which authors you would like to read.

12 - From this page you can manage your subscribers.

13 - Public Subscribers are subscribers who have used the plugin form and only provided their email address.

14 - On this page public subscribers can be viewed, searched, deleted and also toggled between Confirmed and Unconfirmed status.

15 - Registered Subscribers are subscribers who have registered in WordPress and have a username and password.

16 - Registered Subscribers have greater personal control over their subscription. They can change the format of the email and also select which categories and authors they want to receive notifications about.

17 - On this page registered subscribers can be viewed and searched. User accounts can be deleted from here with any posts created by those users being assigned to the currently logged in user. Bulk changes can be applied to all user settings changing their subscription email format and categories.

18 - From this page you can adjust the Settings for Subscribe2.

19 - This section allows you to specify settings that apply to the emails generated by the site.

20 - Emails can be sent to individual subscribers by setting the number of recipients per email to 1. A setting greater than one will group recipients together and make use of the BCC emails header. A setting of 0 sends a single email with all subscribers in one large BCC group. A setting of 1 looks less like spam email to filters but takes longer to process.

21 - This section is also where the sender of the email on this page is chosen. You can choose Post Author or your Blogname but it is recommended to create a user account with an email address that really exists and shares the same domain name as your site (the bit after the @ should be the same as your sites web address) and then use this account.

22 - This page also configures the frequency of emails. This can be at the time new posts are made (per post) or periodically with an excerpt of each post made (digest). Additionally the post types (pages, private, password protected) can also be configured here.

23 - This section allows you to customise the content of your notification emails.

24 - There are special {KEYWORDS} that are used by Subscribe2 to place content into the final email. The template also accept regular text and HTML as desired in the final emaisl.

25 - The {KEYWORDS} are listed on the right of the templates, note that some are for per post emails only and some are for digest emails only. Make sure the correct keywords are used based upon the Email Settings.

26 - This section allows settings that apply to Registered Subscribers to be configured.

27 - Categories can be made compulsory so emails are always sent for posts in these categories. They can also be excludes so that emails are not generated. Excluded categories take precedence over Compulsory categories.

28 - A set of default settings for new users can also be specified using the Auto Subscribe section. Settings specified here will be applied to any newly created user accounts while Subscribe2 is activated.

29 - This section allows you to enable several aspect of the plugin such as Widgets and editor buttons.

30 - AJAX mode can be enabled that is intended to work with the shortcode link parameter so that a dialog opens in the centre of the browser rather then using the regular form.

سوال دوم چجوری میتونم ترجمه رو ثبت کنم

به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

منظورتون از ثبت ترجمه چیه ؟

و اینکه گوگل بیچاره اینو باید چطوری ترجمه کنه ؟!!!

eg. utm_source=subscribe2&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=postnotify&utm_id={ID}&utm_title={TITLE}

و اینکه گوگل نمیتونه همه اینهارو با هم به درستی ترجمه کنه ، و حتی یک خطشو ، بهتره تیکه تیکه کلمات رو وارد کنید

در آخر هم فکر نکنم ربطی به پوسته های وردپرس داشته باشه ، داره ؟!!

به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

یک افزونه برای خبرنامه هست که دارم ترجمه میکنم

شما میتونید ترجمه کنید

به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

یک افزونه برای خبرنامه هست که دارم ترجمه میکنم

شما میتونید ترجمه کنید

فکر نکنم کسی رایگان این ترجمه ها رو انجام نمی ده.

بهتره به یک مترجم یا کسی که افزونه و پوسته ترجمه می کنه بدید تا براتون ترجمه کنه.

به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

یک افزونه برای خبرنامه هست که دارم ترجمه میکنم

شما میتونید ترجمه کنید

افزونه رایگان هست ترجمه شده نیازی نیست ترجمه کنید این واسه مه خوب کار میکنه


به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

سلامتي بچه هاي انجمن

كل اين هارو راي من ايميل كنيد و فردا فارسي تحويلتون بدم :D :D

ايميل من هم تو امضا هست

به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

اين هم فايل ترجمه

باز هم اگر اساتيد ايرادي ديدند به بزرگي ببخشند

به اشتراک گذاری این پست

لینک به پست

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برای اینکه بتوانید نظر ارسال کنید نیاز دارید که کاربر سایت شوید

ایجاد یک حساب کاربری

برای حساب کاربری جدید در انجمن ما ثبت نام کنید. عضویت خیلی ساده است !

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