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سلام میخواستم keep-alive فعال کنم طبق جستجویی که انجام دادم فهمیدم که باید کدی رو در فایل .hataccess اضافه کنم ولی همیچین فایلی پیدا نکردم یا از بخش whm وارد بشم که میگه رمز اشتباه است راهنماییم کنید با سپاس هاستم لایت اسپید و سی پنل هست

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Enable keep-alive in Litespeed

Keep-alive is default but your server may be using what is called "smart keep-alive". This is a setting within Litespeed that is specifically for high volume websites. When this setting is on it will appear to pagespeed tools that keep-alive is disabled.

"Smart keep alive" will request the initial file (the HTML file) with a connection close in the HTTP header. It will then request all the other files (css, js, images, etc.) with keep alive enabled. This allows more users to be able to connect at once when there are many concurrent requests.

Tip (litespeed servers only): Unless you are indeed a very high traffic site you can (and probably should) disable smart keep alive in the config and once you do so all of your connections will use keep alive.

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